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We believe in a positive & stress-free grooming experience.

House-call dog grooming is an awesome alternative to the mobile grooming van. If you are someone who is looking for a dog groomer who comes to your home and prefers to be present or even assist during your pups grooming, then Kisses House-Call Dog Grooming is the service for you. The dogs are so much more comfortable being in their own territory so grooming doesn’t seem so unpleasant! Our clients LOVE the fact that we groom their dog in their home and they are well aware of how their doggie is being handled. After this
experience they wouldn’t have it any other way! Call today to experience how dog grooming should be done!!


Looking to try a new style? You’ve come
to the right place. We can also do
many of the new asian styles that are
so hot right now!


All services include lots of kisses
positive reinforcement!


We know pups enjoy a relaxing & gentle touch just like us humans. Let the Doggie spa come right to you!

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Our techniques are so gentle and stress-free that vets recommend us for senior pets, and pets with medical concerns, or those that just need some extra tlc! We move at the pace of the dog and never force them to do anything they are adamant of not doing. It is extremely important that your dog walks away with the feeling of peace & happiness instead of fear & terror!

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