Jessica Sosa

Groomer | Owner

My biggest passion in life is dogs and their care. After working with dogs for over 10 years I have seen a lot and I continue to learn something every day. I love sharing the knowledge I gained through the experiences I have working as a house call dog groomer.
Kisses House Call Dog Grooming

Fear Free Dog Grooming Done In Your Home!

House-call dog grooming is an awesome alternative to the mobile grooming van. If you are someone who prefers to be present or even assist during your pups grooming then Kisses House-call dog grooming is the service for you. The dogs are so much more comfortable being in their own territory so grooming doesn't seem so unpleasant! My clients LOVE the fact that I groom their dog in their home and they are well aware of how their doggie is being handled. After this experience they wouldn't have it any other way! Schedule today to experience how dog grooming should be done!! Serving South Broward. Dogs under 30lbs. ​
Fear-free grooming is grooming done without causing any unnecessary anxiety and/or fear. This is achieved by using a variety of techniques designed to desensitize and retrain your dog by way of positive & reward-based reinforcement.
Grooming should be pleasant and fun for your pet. Something they look forward to and relish in the attention. So when you pair house call grooming with fear free grooming you have the winning combination! With positive training, gentle touch, and some patience, you can teach your pooch to love his spa day!

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