Positive & Stress-Free Grooming. House-call dog grooming is an awesome alternative to the mobile grooming van. If you are someone who is looking for a dog groomer who comes to your home and prefers to be present or even assist during your pups grooming, then Kisses House-Call Dog Grooming isContinue Reading

So you got a new puppy!! What an exciting and joyous time, however, it can also be a challenging time for both of you. One of the challenges of bringing home a new puppy is how to take care of their skin & coat. We all know how to feedContinue Reading

What is Matting? Matting is clumps of tangled fur that form over time in certain areas. Some of the most common areas for matts to form are under his/her front legs, behind the ears & around the tail. Or in areas where the dog is wearing a collar harness orContinue Reading

House call grooming is a form of mobile pet grooming as the groomer is mobile and they come to you. It is a luxury VIP service that provides pet grooming performed by a professional groomer who brings their tools and equipment to your house to groom your dog in yourContinue Reading