What You Should Know

First & foremost due to the fact that we bathe the dogs in your tub or sink, our weight limit is max 35 lbs. Also, we will not work with aggressive or completely uncooperative dogs. We do, however, work with harder cases to see if we may be able to teach these dogs new grooming habits. We have found that some of these dogs can do well with a patient house call groomer with a gentle touch. And lastly, any dog that has open wounds, broken bones, or any medical condition that the groomer deems to be serious must be cleared by the vet & will need to be scheduled for a later date.

Our Policies

All new clients must read & sign a copy of our disclosures & policies. You can find and print it here.

Your Location & Parking

We cover most of South Broward -our boundaries are from broward blvd to Hallandale Beach Blvd. Also note there must be legal self parking available for the building being worked in. We are unable to service buildings with valet only parking.


We accept cash, check & most pay apps available.

Bathing & Grooming Space

A well lit & distraction free area plus adequate space is required to set up our table near an available outlet, a sink or bathtub (not a shower) for the bath may be required.

Also to avoid distractions & unsuitable weather conditions we do not groom outside.

Time Requirements

When scheduling please be sure you will have enough time to allow the groomer to complete the groom. Most dogs only require 1.5 hours however larger dogs or ones that have special needs may take up to as many as 3 hours. First time clients may take a bit longer as well while the groomer bonds with the dog.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about your dog’s grooming needs.

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